This proposal is for financing our Facilities Protection System (FPS) Research and Development program for a year period. For  this R&D financing we offer to the investor the 40% of ‘3 LEVEL SECURITY Bulgaria’ Ltd  shares. We are ( Hi Tech Vendor that produce the unique 'SAED' systems which detecting and locating pre tuned MATERIAL STRUCTURES (as explosives, drugs, ammunition, humans, metals, no metals, etc) IN very LONG DISTANCE (over 20,000 meters depending from target mass) and high DEPTHS in the ground/water, depending on target mass, penetrating any kind of obstacles. In case of explosives, our products designed as to enable sufficient reaction time (adequate time) to eliminate the threat before terrorists reaches valuable assets, giving the operational advantage to tactical commander.



Our new FPS R&D program'  is about an install Detection System that could protect facilities and infrastructures from incoming explosives (10 to 100 kg) in a 5-10 km distance. FPS could also install inside small mobile units (as VAN,  4WD, military type vehicles, etc) and in any kind of buildings, facility, stations, airports, camps, etc. The cost of the project pro estimated to 6,584,250 euro and will last for a year period. Links: BUDGET'     PROPOSAL'     'FPS'     'MOU'

Also ‘3 LEVEL SECURITY BULGARIA LTD’’ invited from TECHACESS ltd company in Islamabad Pakistan at June 24, 2018, for blind field tests which satisfied the Pakistani army forces.                                                               

Recently, ‘3 LEVEL SECURITY BULGARIA LTD’’ invited from Dr. Papamarinopoulos Stavros of Patras University  in Greece in order to participate in a underground detection of the famous DELPHI CAVE of the famous DELPHI archeological area

At November 2018, International Golden Group (IGG) PJSC of U.A.E. offers to ‘3 LEVEL SECURITY LTD’’ to be our official representative and to sale our products.



Detection Tech        CONCEPT

'SAED' tech systems could detect and locate ANY SHIPWRECK from 50Km depending on the cargo mass (gold, silver, valiable stones as diamonds, emeralds also coins, etc).                                                                           Princes Guatavita treasures  at GUATAVITA lake detected at October 2019: TREASURES DETECTED and LOCATED in COLOMBIA Is this the famus EL DORADO treasure in the bottom of Guatavita lake?

‘3 LEVEL SECURITY LTD’’ invited  from National Security in Dubai at March 2018 for 5 days blind field tests which  satisfied at a 90% (according to their statement) the authorities.

‘3 LEVEL SECURITY LTD’’ invited  from I N D U M I L  - C O L O M B I A  for land mines detection tests in Bogota at Sep 2019 for blind field tests.

‘3 LEVEL SECURITY LTD’’ invited  from W I L S O N    Q U I N T E R O, COLOMBIAS biggest owner of emeralds mines in Bogota at Oct 2019 for 3 month blind field tests in green emeralds detection.